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Is worrying about sleep keeping you awake?

If you are experiencing moderate to severe sleeping problems, then Learning to Sleep is for you.

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Our clinically proven web based programme resets your body’s sleep cycle.

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The programme takes just five weeks and costs a fraction of other treatments.

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94%* of people who complete the programme enjoy much better sleep as a result.

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Our clinically proven process is your way is your way to a good night’s rest – without taking any pills.

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a bit ABOUT US

“A better day starts with taking control of your night”.

That’s the mission of Learning to Sleep.

Learning to Sleep started in Sweden in 2014 when we launched our first product, “Sleep Better” together with Pzifer Sweden.

We are a registered care provider in Sweden and our treatment is approved by the Swedish equivalent to NHS (Läkemedelsverket). It’s CE marked, conforming to relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislation.

We have one goal, to help change and improve people’s lives by offering effective sleep treatment that’s drug-free and you can get from anywhere, without having to wait.

We give you the knowledge, tools, and building blocks to help you get a good night’s sleep. All from the convenience of your smartphone.

You’ll feel happier, more motivated and a lot less stressed.

Our service is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy meaning that it uses simple daily actions to help you train yourself to sleep better and live a healthier life. It puts you back in control, without the need for prescription sleep-aids.


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Your sleep questions answered:

"Every week, helping people improve their lives, through a better sleep, is absolutely fantastic"

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Missing out on your zzzs?

Read our blog and learn how people benefit from Learning to Sleep, and what the experts are saying.

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British schoolchildren are offered sleep education

Sleep problems among children and young people are increasing and experts call the lack of sleep for a hidden public health crisis.

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New study: Lack of deep sleep can lead to Alzheimer’s disease

A new American study suggests that warning signs of Alzheimer's disease may occur before the actual symptoms occur.

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For Healthcare Professionals

Learning to Sleep helps people with diagnosed moderate to severe insomnia enjoy better sleep through clinically proven products distributed through mobile and web solutions.

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